Braces Treatment in Lucknow

Braces have come a long way since their debut back way back around 1000 BC. Though these primitive forms of braces were not highly effective nor aesthetically similar to today’s braces, they likely made just enough impact to justify the effort. Formal orthodontic braces were not developed until the 19th century. As time has progressed, braces have gradually improved, as evidenced by today’s Invisalign clear aligners.

Orthodontics. The original “smile transformer,” braces and other orthodontic methods move the uneven crooked teeth to desired positions. Not only can orthodontic treatment result in a more good-looking appearance, it can improve overall oral health.

Braces Treatment in Lucknow

Ceramic braces are comfortable, quite effective, and barely visible. If your teeth are not perfectly straight or properly spaced, you are not alone. Our orthodontist has helped countless patients with similar challenges enjoy beautifully straight teeth.

Invisalign- Your confident smile starts here -CLEAR REMOVABLE BRACES are now a reality .

This treatment uses custom-made, removal aligners meaning they’re practically invisible so no one will become aware of you’re wearing them. Plus, you can remove them for meals and special events, so they won’t interfere with your cake tasting, and all your other pre-wedding celebrations.

STEP 1- We will be taking your intra oral i tero  scan and pictures to begin with along with showing you your before after smile simulation . You will be able to visualise how your smile will look after the treatment . 

STEP 2 – CLINCHECK-  Invisalign software will be telling you the exact treatment duration , set of trays required for your treatment . 

Step 3 – Start of your aligner placements and checkups . 

Through all of this we will guide you as to how you can pay . We generally give a flexible payment  schedule to our patients in two instalments. Contact us to know more. We at infinity dental are here to help you . 

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