Flouride Therapy

Flouride Therapy in Lucknow

is a characteristic mineral that manufactures solid teeth and counteracts cavities. It’s been a fundamental oral health treatment for a considerable length of time. Fluoride Therapy is particularly useful in case you are at high risk of cavity.

Cavity occurs when microscopic organisms develop on teeth and gums and structure a sticky layer of plaque. Plaque creates a corrosive that disintegrates teeth and gum tissue.

We routinely perform Fluoride Varnish treatments on most of our patients at their cleaning and periodontal upkeep visits. Diet and medications specifically influence the corrosiveness of your mouth, which builds the rate of tooth and root decay.


Fluoride Therapy works by re-establishing minerals to tooth surfaces where microbes may have dissolved the lacquer. It can likewise restrain the development of hurtful oral microorganisms and further counteract pits. Fluoride Therapy benefits the kids and grown-ups. The prior kids are exposed to fluoride therapy; lesser are the chances of decay. Visit Now!



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