Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment:

It is an important method used by dentists to save teeth and to avoid unnecessary extractions. Many patients worry that root canal treatment will be painful, but modern technologies and anesthesia options have made root canals into a mostly pain-free procedure.
But despite the fact that most patients will enjoy a pain-free experience when they have a root canal performed at Infinity Dental, it’s still important to understand the benefits of this procedure before making a decision about whether or not it’s right for you. Typically, this decision begins with pain in the mouth, usually from an inflamed and infected tooth. An evaluation reveals that the pulp of the tooth is diseased at which point the patient must make a decision about how to proceed.
Root Canal Treatment
Root Canal Treatment in lucknow

A root canal is performed to remove the inflamed and infected pulp from the inside of a tooth. After the pulp is removed, the inside of the tooth is then thoroughly disinfected and cleaned. One of the biggest benefits of root canal treatment is that it gets rid of pain and infection in the mouth. The root canal relieves pressure from inflammation in the pulp of the tooth and within a day or two after treatment, patients can get back to living their lives, without tooth pain.

So, before you decide against root canal treatment on the basis that it could be painful or that tooth extraction is a cheaper option, be aware that both of these statements are myths. Chances are if you have an infection in the pulp of your tooth, the quickest, most pain-free and most affordable option for you to fix the problem permanently is to get a root canal done as soon as possible.

The material is also metal-free, meaning that it won’t make your tooth sensitive or trigger metal allergies.
Tooth-colored fillings at Infinity Dental allow you to repair your teeth in a way that restores both the function and appearance of your smile, making it one of our most ideal treatments. With tooth-colored fillings, less of your tooth has to be removed, which will preserve more of its structure and help it last longer. In the end, it presents the best solution both cosmetically and restorative with just one treatment.


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