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Are you Missing teeth. It affects your quality of life beyond having a incomplete smile. It:

  • Prevents you from smiling
  • Deteriorates you from showing your inner confidence
  • Difficult to eat
  • Causes your existing teeth to shift
  • Bone loss
  • Makes you look older

But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

 dental implant helps to restore your smile and lifts to update your facial structures to give you your confidence back with a renew sense of youth.

But you’re probably wondering, “how long do dental implants last?”

In this blog, we’ll discuss the most common questions people ask about dental implants

How many years do dental implants last?

With proper dental care, including brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing, and visiting your dentist at least every six months,  dental implant can last anywhere between 10 to 30 years.

The crown Bridges and crowns can last between 10 -15 years . However, you can always extend its lifespan with great oral hygiene.

The location of your dental implant placement also predicts how long your dental implant will last. Implants in the back of your mouth are used more when chewing, so it’s more likely that they’ll wear out a bit faster than implants towards the front of jaw.

Dental implants provide the long-term solution to missing teeth. They require the same oralcare as normal teeth and help maintain the structure of your jaw.

How much do dental implant cost?

The average cost of a dental implant can range from 25k-70k

Dental implants are considered  and may be partially covered by insurance.

They’re a lifelong investment, and you want to make sure you’re getting your worth. Paying for low-quality implants may lead to complications in future.

Our expert dentists at Infinity Dental have extensive training and use innovative technology to ensure your implants are high quality and will last a lifetime. At  Infinity Dental, we prioritize our patients and work with you to meet your timeline and budget.

How long does the dental implant procedure take?

dental implant in steps

Implants can take some time to bond with your bone, and the healing process may vary from patient to patient. On average, it can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months.

There are three major steps to your dental implants after your initial consultation. A CBCT scan will be used to assess the placement of your implants for more accurate results.

  • Step 1: A biocompatible titanium post, the implant, resembles your tooth root and is fused with your jaw to securely attach a replacement tooth/teeth.
  • Step 2: A small connector called an abutment links your implant to your new restoration.
  • Step 3: Your custom-made PROSTHESIS is placed to reconstruct your smile. It could either be a crown, bridge, or denture.

Do dental implant hurt?

NO dental implants don’t hurt!

Your dentist should address any concerns you may have and will work to ensure you’re completely comfortable before beginning your implant procedure.

Our dental team promises to eliminate your stress and pain as best we can during the implant placement. This can consist of administration local anesthesia.

In addition, our dentist’s advanced training and our office’s modern technology ensure high-quality services with minimized discomfort.

Am I a candidate for dental implant?

There are a few factors that determine if you’re a candidate for dental implants. In general, if you have one or more missing teeth, you’re very likely to be a candidate.

Other factors include:

  • Age: Dental implants are usually recommended for individuals whose facial growth and development have finished. This can be around 18 years .
  • Health: Your health plays a role in how well your body will respond to dental implants. If you’re a heavy smoker, diabetic, or had radiation therapy in your head/neck area, you’ll need to be evaluated further by your dentist.
  • Bone amount: Dental implants require a certain amount of supportive bone around the jawbone area. You may need bone augmentation in some cases if you don’t have the necessary amount.

If you are looking for the best dental treatment in India then Infinity Dental best dental clinic in Lucknow is your go to dental practice. Our team of professional dental care providers spearheaded by Dr.Damini Agarwal best dentist in Lucknow is full of people who are not only passionate about their job but also licensed and have many years of experience in performing dental implants and other oral surgeries. we also use high quality materials and state-of-art-technology,safe,reliable and innovative procedures to provide the best dental treatment in India.

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