6 Dental Tips for a Joyous Holi

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Holi is a celebration of colors and also a reason to enjoy a lot of delicious sweets. While it is permissible to enjoy sweets occasionally, surpassing one’s limit is never a wise decision as it might cause tooth related issues. The festival of Holi involves the use of chemical-laden colors, water slashers, water cannons, and balloons, which may all be hazardous at times. As a result, undertaking protective measures and safeguards is essential to enjoy the Holi celebrations while reducing the risk of dental injury.

Holi is celebrated with loved one’s with Happiness and joy by drenching each other in colors. Use of the water splashes, water guns and balloons is very common but the aftermath can sometimes be unpleasant.


 Here are few dental tips for safer and joyous Holi

1. Cracked tooth:

Clean the area gently and use clean gauze to holdup. Apply cold compression to reduce the swelling to affected area.Avoid the sharp edges of the tooth to contact lips, tongue or cheeks. See a dentist. If bleeding does not stop rush to the nearby hospital.

2. Knocked out tooth:

Hold the tooth by its crown area;rinse the root if it is dirty.DO NOT scrub the tooth to remove the tissues fragments. Do not spit or rinse.If possible hold the tooth in the socket, if not possible keep it in a cup of cold milk or hold it under the tongue.Get to the dentist as quickly as possible and do not forget to take the tooth with you. 

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3.Removable appliances:

In case you are using a removable appliance a retainer or dentures, keep them at home.This will prevent injury, breakage, loss or staining of the appliance.If you are having braces wear a mouthguard or avoid any contact with the face as it may injure the inner side of cheeks, lips, tongue or cause breakage of the brackets.

4. Wear a retainer:

In case you have a cosmetic filling or teeth whitening done wear a clear retainer to avoid staining of teeth.Get Dental crowns done to prevent fracturing and staining of fragile teeth.Try to save yourself off from all possible attacks on the face. In case your such attempts fail, keep your eyes and lips tightly shut if you are attacked on your face. 

5. Stay hydrated:

In case you ingest the toxic HOLI colors rinse your mouth immediately, have lots of water.If it’s too late have a glass of cold milk.Keep handy painkillers and anti-allergic tablets.Safest way to reduce chances of damage to your teeth, lips, cheeks and tongue is by using a customized mouth guard.

 6. Stay away from colored food:

Most of the sweets and delicacies that are made during Holi are sticky and sweet. It is recommended to brush, floss, and rinse the mouth as these can cause tooth decay and cavities. Even middle-aged and elderly people are prone to developing cavities due to festive sweets.

Avoid food that is high on artificial colors and preservatives as they tend to stain your teeth and don’t forget to brush your teeth twice a day.


Safeguarding your teeth against chemical-based colors is necessary to avoid stained teeth. Avoid aerated drinks and wine which are known to stain the teeth. Stained teeth can affect your dental hygiene but it can be treated by teeth whitening, scaling, and polishing. Rinse teeth frequently with water to avoid colors being retained in the mouth.

Staying hydrated and following a good dental care regime of brushing, flossing and rinsing is necessary for maintaining good dental hygiene. It is recommended to use bottle openers and refrain from using the teeth to open the bottles and cans. These are some precautionary ways to avoid dental health concerns and celebrate a safe, happy, and fun-filled Holi.

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