How to Clean Teeth Using Charcoal Toothpaste?

teeth cleaning using charcoal toothpaste

In this blog we are going to learn more about that how to clean teeth using charcoal toothpaste:

There are many kinds of toothpaste available today containing charcoal in one or the other form that offer health and aesthetic benefits which are not available in any other toothpaste. Manufacturers claim that these dentifrices can help to reduce tooth decay, help with the tooth remineralization process and even improve the whitening of the teeth.

teeth cleaning using charcoal toothpaste

Many of these toothpaste does not contain fluoride, a recent comprehensive search of the literature found the truth on all these claims to be somewhat the opposite!

  1. There are no scientific studies or any confirmation to support any of these facts. Actually, the majority of these will do exactly the opposite!
  2. It is a well-recognized fact that charcoal consists of various polyaromatic hydrocarbons, some of which are considered human carcinogens!!
Dr.Damini Agarwal best dentist in Lucknow tells “Charcoal particles can also get trapped up in the gums and irritate them.”

Researchers have been constantly looking into studies involving charcoal toothpaste with the results involving many risks associated with these products. The first risk associated with these products is tooth decay. A greater part of charcoal products do not contain fluoride, which is a remineralizing agent that helps to prevent tooth decay and sensitivity issues related to teeth.

Next, is these products may cause unanticipated discoloration of teeth. Fundamentally these products have a high abrasive level, damaging the enamel of the tooth which is the protective layer of the tooth. Once this layer is damaged or lost it becomes roughen and more susceptible to staining with decay. This can often happen over time as you are using these products.

The concerns about the abrasive nature of charcoal, say that it could potentially damage enamel if used regularly, as well as its tendency to absorb all sorts of things that come into its contact including good things like medications. However, if you are living in an area with optimum fluoride in your drinking water and visit a dentist once or twice a year, you’d likely be brushing fine.

Avoid any of such toothpaste or other dental health care products containing charcoal in any form.

Feel free to discuss this with us at your next visit. At Infinity Dental we are always available to address any concerns you have about the proper method of brushing. Don’t hesitate to ask us the next time you visit our clinic at Infinity Dental’s best dental clinic.

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