Tooth Extraction Aftercare: Precautions and Healing

Tooth Extraction

After a tooth extraction surgery, it’s very essential for blood to clot formation to take place as this will stop the bleeding and begin the healing process. That’s why you are asked to bite on a gauze pad for 30 to 45 minutes after the tooth extraction. If bleeding or discharge continues after you remove the gauze pad, replace it with another gauze pad and bite firmly for another thirty to forty-five minutes. You may have to do this several times, best dental clinic in Lucknow.

After the blood clot is formed, it is important to protect the clot from dislodging, especially for the next 24 hours.

Tooth Extraction Don’t:

  • Smoke
  • Suck through a straw
  • Rinse your mouth vigorously
  • Clean the teeth next to the extraction

Dr.Damini Agarwal best dentist in Lucknow suggests that these activities will displace the clot and slow down the healing process. Limit yourself to composed activities for the first 24 hours, this keeps your blood pressure low, reduces bleeding, and helps in the healing process.

After the tooth is extracted, you may feel some pain and swelling. You can use an icepacks to keep this to lessen this. The swelling usually starts to subside down after 48 hours.

Use the analgesics and anti-inflammatory medication only as directed by your dentist, and call the office if it does not seem to be work. If antibiotics are prescribed, continue to take them for the recommended amount of time, even if all signs and symptoms of infection are gone. Drink lots of fluids and only eat a semi-solid and soft diet, take nutritious foods on the day of the extraction. Don’t drink alcohol-containing beverages and avoid very hot and spicy foods. You can begin eating normally the next day, or as soon as you’re comfortable.

Gently rinse your mouth with warm saline rinses three times a day after 24hours, beginning the day after the tooth extraction (a tsp. of salt in a cup of warm water, rinse-spit). Also, rinse softly after meals, it helps to keep food out of the extraction site. It is very important to recommence your usual dental routine after 24 hours (This should include brushing your teeth, and flossing at least once a day). This speeds up the healing process and helps to keep your mouth fresh.

Call us right away if you have heavy bleeding, severe pain, continued swelling after two or three days, or a allergic reaction to the medication. After a few days, you will be feel in good health and can resume your normal activities.

Please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions or +91-8576082888 at Infinity Dental’s best dental clinic in Lucknow.

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