Women’s Hormones and its impact on Oral Health

Believe it or not, there is gender inequality in our oral health.

That’s right, women are predisposed to developing oral health problems – no matter how good one’s dental hygiene routine is.

The quick answer:

Women’s hormones.

Women will experience hormonal changes at various stages in their lives. These changes make women more susceptible to developing oral health problems.

Not only can hormones affect the blood supply to gum tissues, but they can also affect how the body responds to toxins that result from plaque buildup.

Because of these hormonal changes, women have a higher risk of developing Periodontal Diseases at specific stages of their lives, in addition to other oral health problems.


Hormones control our weight, mood, sex drive, and overall health. Did you know that we experience hormonal changes throughout our lives which makes us more susceptible to oral health problems?

Let’s start by raising awareness and highlight the link between women’s hormones and its impact on dental health.

How does this happen?

The rise in female hormones (esp. estrogen and progesterone) increases the blood flow to the gums. This influences our body’s response to the harmful toxins released by the bacteria during the plaque buildup and leads to red, swollen gums that are likely to bleed when brushing.

On the other hand, the decrease in female hormones can lead to dry mouth which increases the risk of tooth decay, as well as bone loss which can influence periodontal or gum disease.

When do women’s hormones fluctuate?

Women go through several hormonal changes throughout their lives, but there are 5 key stages where the fluctuations are most drastic.

During a woman’s life, there are five stages that can cause her hormones to fluctuate

Those include going through puberty, certain times in a monthly menstrual cycle, using birth control pills, during pregnancy, and at menopause.

  • puberty
  • monthly menstruation
  • birth control
  • pregnancy
  • menopause

Women who are premenopausal, can experience a burning sensation in the mouth, altered taste, greater sensitivity to hot and cold foods beverges and a decreased flow of saliva leading to dry mouth. Saliva acts as a natural cleansing agent and, if depleted, can allow bacteria to grow causing tooth decay and gum disease. Dry mouth can also be an side effect of medications taken by women who are over age 40.

A decline in estrogen can lead to bone loss. If this occurs in the jaw, there is a greater likelihood of tooth loss as well.

While hormonal fluctuation is inevitable part, you can take certain measures to reduce the harm it can cause to your teeth and gums and improve your overall oral health. Maintain good oral hygiene, keep a healthy lifestyle, and see your dentist regularly to avoid oral diseases.


Your best prevention is to seek professional dental treatment. You should also visit your family physician to discuss the need for, and the side effects of, hormone replacement therapy.

Secondly, you must be diligent in your oral hygiene regimen with flossing at least once daily and brushing your teeth at least twice daily with fluoridated toothpaste.


How can we help?

Whether it is puberty, pregnancy or menopause, changes in a woman’s body lead to elevated or decreased hormone levels, and these leave the oral regions vulnerable to infection. To reduce the likelihood of problems, ensure you have an efficient dental hygiene routine, adjust your diet, have regular appointments with a dentist and get bi-annual dental check-ups.

It starts by raising awareness of the link between women’s hormones and oral health problems. The more people that know, especially women, the more smiles we can keep beautiful and healthy.

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