What is some practical dental care advice?

Dental Care Advice

Dental care advice is important for your overall health, not just oral health. Your teeth differ in shape and size. Different tooth has their specific roles to play in the oral cavity. They help us to chew and digest food, to talk, and pronounce different sounds clearly. They give our mouth its shape. A healthy smile […]


Cost of Dental Implants

Dental implants have revolutionized dentistry, and offer a permanent option to dentures and bridges, as well as provide increased functionality and relief. But all these benefits can come with a high price mark which is why some patients consider getting cheap dental implants in India. However, not all dental implants are created equal. Some information […]


If you have ever dreamt of getting that wonderful SMILE that you can boast off, you must be looking for various teeth straightening options like Invisalign Braces. Are you considering Invisalign braces? This is a type of treatment that helps to straighten teeth without the use of the metal braces. Invisalign has revolutionized the orthodontic […]


What are Dentures?

In this Guide to Dentures: Types and Maintaining Tips, As you grow old, you may lose some or all of your teeth. This can make essential tasks like chewing food and speaking quite difficult, especially if you have lost all your teeth. In such cases, you can rotate to dentures. This article will help you […]

4 great facts about Dental Flouride


Dental Flouride is commonly found in toothpastes and mouthwashes. But what exactly is fluoride, why are dentists enthusiastic about it, and as a parent, should you have any concerns about fluoride? Our pediatric dentist, Dr. Vartika Singh, busts the common myths about fluoride at Infinity Dental best dental clinic in Lucknow. Fluoride is commonly used […]

Why are we different from other dental clinics in Lucknow?

dental clinic

Why are we different from other dental clinics in Lucknow? Painless injections, Non-invasive drills, and value for money is how technology has altered dentistry for the good. We use the latest technology, most advanced dental instruments that can examine the patient’s oral condition with more precision. Our dental experts attempt to break the stigma that […]

How to find the best dental clinic in Lucknow?

best dental clinic in lucknow

Read this blog How to find the best dental clinic in Lucknow? When you visit a dental clinic, you obviously expect them to provide high care professional services. While some dental practices aver to offer the best dental care services, they lack the right approach when it comes to delivering outstanding dental treatment and solutions. […]

Tips for choosing the best dentist in Lucknow?

best dentist in lucknow

In this blog, we are going to discuss Tips for choosing the best dentist in Lucknow. You are aware of preventive dental care and you also know that you should visit a dentist every 6 months as a part of preventive dental care. But a lot of people ignore this cost-effective dental care step and […]

Why is Infinity Dental is the Best dental clinic in Lucknow?

best dental clinic in Lucknow

In this blog, we are going to discuss Why is Infinity dental is the best dental clinic in Lucknow? Our dental clinic INFINITY DENTAL at Lucknow is an advanced facility boasting state-of-the-art equipment in a pleasant, soothing environment. The primary focus is in the areas of top quality dental treatments, Dental surgeries, Cosmetic Dentistry, Kids […]

Understanding Dental Cavities & Its Causes

Dental cavities

Read this blog to Understand Dental Cavities & Its Causes, Have you ever wondered how a dentist can tell that you have dental cavities? The best way is to look at an x-ray, which clearly shows how tooth decay is impacting the enamel of the tooth. The dentist also uses an instrument if a spot […]