Root canal treatments have gone through a bad knock over the years—and unjustifiably. While we approve root canal therapy for the millions of our patient decayed teeth the procedure has saved, the worn-out cliché that it’s painful still lingers on.

Root Canal Treatment in lucknow
Root Canal Treatment

So, let’s set the evidence straight: a root canal treatment is not painful, it relieves most often. Let’s look directly at what actually happens during and after this treatment.

Before: when the tooth in emergency. Decayed tooth can damage outer enamel. This bacterial infection can destroy the nerves and blood vessels of the tooth. If not treated, this destructive course can lead to loss of tooth. Nevertheless, this treatment can stop the invading decay process and save the tooth.

During: to prevent the disease for further causing destruction. The dentist will first numb the tooth with local anesthetic. Then they will drill into the tooth to contact the pulp and canals and remove all contaminated tissue. Once the inner spaces of the tooth have been sterile, then the dentist will fill the root canals with a pliant filling to prevent potential infection.

After: is to help the tooth in preventing re-infection. With the root canal filling complete, the dentist then seals the tooth. You may or may not feel some minor soreness for a few days which can be managed with over-the-counter pain killers. At a later stage, the dentist will normally finish the treatment with a crown on the tooth which helps to strengthen the tooth against fracture and provides additional layer of protection against potential decay.

Root canal treatments have outstanding record for giving contaminated teeth one more chance.

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