Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants in Lucknow :

are highly effective at cavity prevention. Sealants are minimal in cost and noninvasive, resulting in an easy pain free procedure. Dental sealants are a thin plastic film placed directly into the pits and grooves of molar and premolar teeth. Sealants offer an added protection against tooth decay.
Dental cavities

They create a barrier between the tooth and plaque and/or debris that cause cavities. Often your toothbrush bristles may leave behind plaque in deep grooves and pits of the back teeth. Back teeth known as the molars or premolars can be difficult to reach properly with a toothbrush even for the adult patient. Sealants are commonly recommended for the adolescent patient as soon as the permanent molars are fully erupted. In certain instances, sealants are recommended on the baby teeth. It is also not uncommon for adults to have sealants recommended on teeth that are free of any fillings or decay. The minimal cost of a sealant certainly outweighs the cost of a cavity. Visit Now!


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