Dental Prophylaxis or Teeth Cleaning

Dental Prophylaxis or Teeth Cleaning in Lucknow :

A dental prophylaxis is the medical term for a cleaning appointment. A prophylaxis thoroughly cleans the teeth to help keep your teeth, gums and mouth in good health, and to prevent or halt the progression of periodontal disease (gum disease). Many people practice a daily oral hygiene routine and think they have no risk of forming cavities. But this is not true. Plaque or tartar develops even with a careful routine of brushing and flossing daily, especially in the inaccessible areas which are difficult to clean. Hence, professional dental cleaning becomes important for removing the stain and tartar. Teeth cleaning is a non-surgical procedure wherein our dentist will check your teeth and clean the tartar that is deposited, plaque and bacterial toxins from the outer layer of the teeth. Since prophylaxis or a dental cleaning appointment involves a thorough examination of the entire oral cavity, our dentists are able to screen for oral cancer, evaluate the risk of periodontitis and often spot signs of medical problems like diabetes and kidney problems. Recommendations can also be provided for altering your home care regimen to improve the overall health of your smile.
Dental Prophylaxis or Teeth Cleaning in Lucknow
Dental Prophylaxis or Teeth Cleaning in Lucknow
At Infinity Dental, we recommend a prophylaxis appointment twice a year or every six months as a preventative measure. If you have gum disease, we may recommend a dental cleaning every 3-4 months. Though gum disease cannot be completely reversed, prophylaxis is one of the tools our dentists can use to effectively stop its progress. Visit us!


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