Do you need dental implants? A dental implantologist can help

dental implant

Accidents/trauma, tooth decay& sports-related injuries are the few common causes of tooth loss. Thanks to modern dentistry. You don’t need to live with a gap in your smiles. Dental implants are one of the most effective restorative treatments to fill the gaps. A dental implantologist plays a important role in placing dental-implants on your tooth as […]

Is coffee bad for your teeth?

Coffee, in general, has been a controversial topic in the dental world. If you are particularly someone who can”t imagine starting their day without a cup of coffee, then you probably might wonder if it”s any good for your health. The truth is that coffee is not always bad; it can boost your energy to […]

Women’s Hormones and its impact on Oral Health

Believe it or not, there is gender inequality in our oral health. That’s right, women are predisposed to developing oral health problems – no matter how good one’s dental hygiene routine is. The quick answer: Women’s hormones. Women will experience hormonal changes at various stages in their lives. These changes make women more susceptible to […]

6 Dental Tips for a Joyous Holi


Holi is a celebration of colors and also a reason to enjoy a lot of delicious sweets. While it is permissible to enjoy sweets occasionally, surpassing one’s limit is never a wise decision as it might cause tooth related issues. The festival of Holi involves the use of chemical-laden colors, water slashers, water cannons, and […]


baby bottle tooth decay

Even though milk teeth are temporary, your child’s baby teeth are important, and are still susceptible to cavities. Tooth decay in infants or toddlers is often referred to as Baby Bottle Tooth Decay, or Early Childhood Caries. Kids need strong, healthy teeth to chew their food, speak and have a good-looking smile. Their first teeth […]



Thumb sucking: Help your child break the habit Thumb sucking can be a difficult habit for a child to break. Understand what you can do to help your child stop sucking his/her thumb. For a new parent the amount of information that comes at you about your baby’s health can be overwhelming. Just when you […]

5 common dental emergencies

dental emergencies

Painful dental emergencies can happen at any time, which is why knowing how to handle them can make a big difference in the outcome. Your dentist sees a variety of emergencies in the practice daily, and we wanted to share these common causes with you so you’re better prepared if you find yourself in the […]

 Oral health and Diabetes

diabetes and oralhealth

 If you have diabetes, you’re more likely to have ORAL health problems like cavities and gum disease.If you have diabetes and you’re over 50, your risk is even higher. That’s because dental problems and age go hand in hand, whether or not you have diabetes.The good news is that controlling your diabetes will go a […]

Tongue and your Overall Health


Your eyes may be the window to your soul, but your mouth is the gateway to your health. After all, there is a reason why your doctor asks you to open your mouth and say “ahhhh” every time you fall sick. So, go ahead and stick it out and look in the mirror.  If you […]


dental implants

Are you Missing teeth. It affects your quality of life beyond having a incomplete smile. It: But, it doesn’t have to be that way.  dental implant helps to restore your smile and lifts to update your facial structures to give you your confidence back with a renew sense of youth. But you’re probably wondering, “how […]